Monday, August 31, 2009

Watch out!!

8 months old


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Vacation

Whistler Mitchell Family Vacation:
10 of us ventured up to Whistler and stayed in a very nice four bedroom condo. We went miniature golfing (Kyle won), traveled peak to peak (some not so excited to go, but were champs about it), went hiking on blackcomb mountain, and relaxed. It was a nice getaway from the norm and Kade got his first extensive vacation. Thanks Scott and Linda!

Kade in the peak to peak gondola

Jenny, Kade and Ty at the condo
Ty (not liking the gondola), Jenny, me and Kade.

Scott, Linda, Kyle, Chris and Melissa on the peak to peak gondola.

Me, Kade and Tyler at the peak of Blackcomb
A scenery shot on Blackcomb
Tyler, Kade and me eating at the Brewhouse.
The family at the top of Blackcomb. It was 30 degrees, we weren't really prepared for the cool temperature (except for Kade).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So I am uploading all the 6 month pictures on facebook as well. It will probably take me a little time though.

Kade's 6 month Picts

Mid-July we met with Rebecca Brethauer for Kade's 6 month pictures. She snapped picts for about an hour and gave us the disk and rights to print them whenever we want. These are just a few pictures that we liked. Her blog is She was very nice and was willing to meet anywhere we wanted. My sister got us the sitting for my birthday, thanks Aim.
Update on Kade: He is actually 7 months today. He is eating a lot of solids and his favorite foods are all fruit (of course!). He has two teeth popping through on the bottom, his hair seems to be filling in a little better, he is almost crawling and is constantly wanting to walk. The other day he cried out momamomamoma. Probably not on purpose, but it made me feel pretty good. We are having so much fun watching Kade grow and experience new things. It will be a sad day when Tyler and I have to get back to the grind in less than a month.

One that everyone loves.

Too Cute.

Sooooo Happy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Time Update

Alli in her last leg of the Padden Triathlon!

Alli getting done after the quarter mile swim

Participants at the Padden Triathlon
Rylie hanging out waiting for Aunty Alli to get done
Grandma taking care of Kade

Amy, Rylie, Kade and me on the flats. It was a little chilly.

Rylie and Kade at Birch Bay

Kade and me walking the Tide flats. Kade didn't last very long before he decided to take a snooze.

Kade's 1st trip to Birch Bay and Rylie has her first Mocha!
Amy and Kade @ Birch Bay
Father's Day at the Washburn's home in Birch Bay.
Summer has been fun! I did a mini Triathlon at Padden Tyler played in Hoopfest again and lost in the Championship of his Hoop. That means his team was in the top 8 of the elite division. We have been having a great time both being home for the summer. We also had a little vacation to Birch Bay for the 4th of July. It was good to get away even though it wasn't that far away from home. Pictures will be uploaded soon!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

June is finally here!

June is finally here!
Sorry it has taken so long to update. Lots has been going on now that summer is kicking into gear. Basketball and volleyball are starting up this week and going strong through the summer. Tyler had his first basketball games tonight at Lynden against Ferndale and Lynden (they won both games, Tyler was happy)
Not much has changed with Kade. He is rolling a little more, grabbing and chewing on everything, becoming more and more alert and aware, but still not sleeping very long at night. Other than the sleep thing he has been a great baby. To get ready for the fall Tyler and I tried the bottle routine again and Kade wasn't having it. He will probably take a sippy cup before he will take a bottle. I also learned that he hasn't been getting enough food from me so Tyler and I decided to try some rice cereal. Kade was more than happy to eat up, it was fun. We shall see what changes come with solid foods, I am crossing my fingers for more sleep.
June is going to be a crazy month with lots of birthdays, Kyle and Tyler's graduation, basketball and volleyball tournaments and school for Tyler. I hopeto do a better job of updating the blog, but we shall see.
We made a road trip to Shareene's house and visited with Gill, Tessa and Marcy (sleeping). It was great to get out of the house and catch up on all the latest.
Sea to Ski Parade. Chase and Rylie had front row seats to watch all the parade entries.

My sister Amy and Dad at the Parade. It was pretty cold in the shade.
My Mom, Duffy, Kade and me standing in the sun to stay warm at the parade. Kade did great. He took a nap for part of the parade and then watched part of it in his front pack.

May29th was my Grandma's 77th Birthday. We celebrated with pizza cake and ice cream at my parents house.

May 31st. Kade's first bite of solid foods. He is reaching for the spoon already trying to feed himself. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Kade rolled for the second time yesterday. The first time was a month ago and he hasn't done so since. It was pretty exciting, even though when we went to Grandpa and Grandma Mitchell's house he did not perform for the granparents. Here are some current pictures of the 26 in 14 and a half pound 4 month old.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Pictures and some updates

Family Photo

Great Grandma Mitchell Hangin out with Kade on Easter

Kade still doesn't know what a camera is

Kade in his sun hat at the park

Kade has been doing alright. The nights are hit and miss although there are more misses lately. He rolled over for the first time last weekend, but has yet to repeat. It was probably just luck. He was quite surprised to have moved him self.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Good Weekend!

 Kade has been doing well.  The nights are very hit and miss, but there are more hits than misses these days.  He has had a couple of 5-6 hour stretches at night which has been nice.   Here are some fun pictures we just took this weekend!

Kade in some CWU Gear

Alli Comforting an upset Kade

Daddy having some fun with Kade!

Kade Chinning the basketball already!!!!

Aunt Jenny and Kade.  
(Jenny got to change her first poopy diaper yesterday!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 Weeks

Kade is now 10 weeks old. The milestone for Kade is sleeping 5 hours straight! Last night was the second consecutive night that he slept for a 5 hour stretch. Awesome! He is also finding sitting and standing up (with our help) to be fun. He is very interested in the world around him, constantly moving his head from side to side and following noises with his eyes. It has been incredibly fun getting to see Kade's personality come out.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A got to see Video!!!


"Good one!"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Update

Just hanging out at home.  Tyler and I were trying to get him to smile at the camera.  He is smiling and talking to us much more these days, which is awesome.  
All bundled up ready for a walk outside.  The swaddle (with legs) is awesome for use in his stroller and it keeps him very warm.
His neck is getting stronger.  The picture is a little deceiving, he is on a slight incline :).

Kade meets Lucy and Maddie Potts (He wasn't sure what to make of the situation)

Kade is doing well.  He is now 12 lbs and 24 inches long.  He has been sleeping better meaning he has been sleeping about 3 hours between feedings with a few exceptions.  

Here are a few new pictures!!

Tyler and Alli Mitchell

Tyler and I met in July 2005 were married August 4, 2007 and welcomed our first child, Kade Allen Mitchell on January 5th, 2009. It has been a crazy journey, but one that is definitely worth taking. To us, everything Kade does is adorable and our hearts constantly melt.