Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kade's 6 month Picts

Mid-July we met with Rebecca Brethauer for Kade's 6 month pictures. She snapped picts for about an hour and gave us the disk and rights to print them whenever we want. These are just a few pictures that we liked. Her blog is She was very nice and was willing to meet anywhere we wanted. My sister got us the sitting for my birthday, thanks Aim.
Update on Kade: He is actually 7 months today. He is eating a lot of solids and his favorite foods are all fruit (of course!). He has two teeth popping through on the bottom, his hair seems to be filling in a little better, he is almost crawling and is constantly wanting to walk. The other day he cried out momamomamoma. Probably not on purpose, but it made me feel pretty good. We are having so much fun watching Kade grow and experience new things. It will be a sad day when Tyler and I have to get back to the grind in less than a month.

One that everyone loves.

Too Cute.

Sooooo Happy!

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Tyler and Alli Mitchell

Tyler and I met in July 2005 were married August 4, 2007 and welcomed our first child, Kade Allen Mitchell on January 5th, 2009. It has been a crazy journey, but one that is definitely worth taking. To us, everything Kade does is adorable and our hearts constantly melt.