Sunday, May 31, 2009

June is finally here!

June is finally here!
Sorry it has taken so long to update. Lots has been going on now that summer is kicking into gear. Basketball and volleyball are starting up this week and going strong through the summer. Tyler had his first basketball games tonight at Lynden against Ferndale and Lynden (they won both games, Tyler was happy)
Not much has changed with Kade. He is rolling a little more, grabbing and chewing on everything, becoming more and more alert and aware, but still not sleeping very long at night. Other than the sleep thing he has been a great baby. To get ready for the fall Tyler and I tried the bottle routine again and Kade wasn't having it. He will probably take a sippy cup before he will take a bottle. I also learned that he hasn't been getting enough food from me so Tyler and I decided to try some rice cereal. Kade was more than happy to eat up, it was fun. We shall see what changes come with solid foods, I am crossing my fingers for more sleep.
June is going to be a crazy month with lots of birthdays, Kyle and Tyler's graduation, basketball and volleyball tournaments and school for Tyler. I hopeto do a better job of updating the blog, but we shall see.
We made a road trip to Shareene's house and visited with Gill, Tessa and Marcy (sleeping). It was great to get out of the house and catch up on all the latest.
Sea to Ski Parade. Chase and Rylie had front row seats to watch all the parade entries.

My sister Amy and Dad at the Parade. It was pretty cold in the shade.
My Mom, Duffy, Kade and me standing in the sun to stay warm at the parade. Kade did great. He took a nap for part of the parade and then watched part of it in his front pack.

May29th was my Grandma's 77th Birthday. We celebrated with pizza cake and ice cream at my parents house.

May 31st. Kade's first bite of solid foods. He is reaching for the spoon already trying to feed himself. :)

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